San Diego Westy offers a full line of Vanagon and Vanagon Westfalia Camper repair, maintenance and restoration services - basically everything from A to Z except smog, AC and paint and body.

If you have a project that is not on the list, we would welcome the opportunity to consult with you and provide a free estimate. Thank you for visiting the site and camp often!

  • RV battery & power inverter installation;
  • Fuel tank reseal;
  • Fuel injection line replacement;
  • Head gasket / water jacket seal replacement;
  • Complete front and rear suspension repair and restoration;
  • Engine and transmission change outs;
  • All scheduled maintenance (transmission, oil, coolant, etc.);
  • Automatic transmission reseal and external oil cooler installation;
  • Poptop canvas and seal replacement;
  • Camping equipment repair/replacement (propane, water, TruckFridge refrigerator);
  • Cooling system diagnosis, repair and restoration;
  • Cooling pipe replacement - stainless steel;
  • Constant velocity joint service and repair;
  • Front and rear main oil seals;
  • Vanagon Syndrome diagnosis and repair;
  • Roof rack / trailer hitch installation;
  • South African Grill upgrade;
  • Headlight relay upgrade (86-91);
  • Shifter and shift linkage bushing replacement, adjustment and restoration;
  • Cylinder head replacement;
  • Hydraulic lifter / pushrod tube replacement;
  • Speedometer diagnosis, repair and replacement;
  • Solar panel installation;
  • Electrical work (battery, alternator, starter and wiring diagnosis and repair).